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Eczema and salt therapy

For those suffering from eczema, salt therapy can be incredibly helpful in easing the uncomfortable symptoms and getting eczema under control. Salt therapy can be so effective in some cases by even completely preventing the eczema from reappearing when a regular salt therapy schedule is followed.

Due to the water loving (hydrophilic) properties of the microscopic dry Himalayan salt aerosol, it draws out the fluid from any eczema blisters and helps to heal any raw or flaking skin and minor cuts and scratches. Constant irritation and itching can be exceptionally dangerous for eczema suffers with damaged or raw skin due to the greater health risk of developing conditions such as eczema herpeticum or staph infections. Salt therapy can help reduce this itching and irritation associated with eczema as it stimulates the epidermis and dermis micro-circulation which assists the body to use and boost its own immune memory to fight off and resist any infections, rashes or skin irritants.


Salt therapy using Himalayan salt can also be beneficial due to its alkaline nature which can help in regulating PH levels. Acidic bodies or a high body PH can be a major factor in the development and triggers of eczema. Reactions can also be caused by coming into contact with high PH substances like chemicals or foods such as sugar, grains and peanuts or natural allergens. Himalayan salt is also rich in over 80 trace minerals, many of which eczema sufferers are depleted of.

We are often asked how many salt therapy treatments will be needed to cure or reduce eczema symptoms. Each case is different and depends on a variety of factors including diet, medication, age and severity of the condition. We get a variety of results at Salt Caves - some report instant relief after walking out of their first salt therapy and other patients usually see improvement after around three to five sessions in the salt cave. In some cases patients will need many more salt therapy sessions to get their eczema under control. Regular salt therapy sessions will assist all sufferers in keeping their eczema symptoms from recurring.

Make Sole salt solution for eczema

You may also like to read more about salt therapy using soleSole (pronounced so-lay) is a salt water solution ranging from one percent salt to up to twenty-six percent Himalayan salt. Download our fact sheet on making sole.

Sole salt solution - make your own solution at home 

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Can children come into the Salt Cave?

Yes children are most welcome at Salt Caves. We have a designated area with toys for the children to play with during their salt therapy session. Children respond to the salt therapy / halotherapy very effectively.  Infants are also most welcome. 

We have carefully structured our price list to make salt / halotherapy for all members of your family.  Infants up to 2 years are free of charge.  We also offer discounted session packs sold in lots of 5 and 10 sessions.  You may also like to give the gift of salt therapy to others.  Purchase Salt Therapy Gift Vouchers at our therapy room or call us on (07) 4659 9269 - we'll be happy to help you over the telephone with any purchases.
Can children come into the Salt Cave?

What are the proven scientific benefits of breathing salt air?

Breathe in a cool salt breeze from the ocean, and you feel more relaxed, more alive. This is because the ocean’s salt air is highly charged with healthy negative ions that feed our cells. In fact halo-therapy has been soothing inflammation for centuries.

Salt has long been known for its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents which help to loosen mucus build up and phlegm. Breathing in salt, in the form of a dry salt aerosol, has been proven to provide positive results for treating people with asthma, chronic bronchitis and a range of other respiratory conditions. Nowadays, salt is used in everything from IV solutions to nasal washes.
What are the proven scientific benefits of breathing salt air?


Hi. I ordered a salt lamp and some other things off you today expecting delivery of my items within the week. You can imagine my surprise when one of your staff knocked on my with my items in a bag. I realize it has saved you $9.90 with freight however I want to say I was so pleasantly pleased and amazed at such honest customer service. I am still shocked to be honest as that kind of service is nearly lost. My family are still talking about it. I am definitely going to come and have some sessions in the 'cave' now and just wanted to thank you.. :-)
~ Christina Kavanagh

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