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Himalayan natural shaped pink salt lampAll-natural and exquisite, Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions which are of importance to good respiratory health and general wellness as they detoxify the oxygen we breathe in. By releasing negative ions, salt lamps decrease indoor air toxins including mould spores, dust and dust mites, smoke or smog and basic odour from animals and people. An increased amount of negative ions in the environment may provide reduced sinus pain and congestion, temporary allergies and hay fever,  decrease the seriousness of asthma symptoms, and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu by boosting the immune and respiratory system.


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What conditions are improved by salt therapy?

The micro-climate of a salt room positively influences the entire human body. In particular, it is known to provide relief to sufferers of asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, chronic ear infections, allergies to dust, pollen, hay fever, smokers cough, chronic cough, sore throat, nasal congestion or runny nose, snoring and chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. 

In addition to helping with respiratory illnesses, it can also help many common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Salt therapy promotes stress reduction, which can lower blood pressure and may help with insomnia. Salt therapy can be used to help prevent respiratory viruses, including common colds and flu.
What conditions are improved by salt therapy?

What can I expect during my salt therapy session?

Each salt therapy (also known as halotherapy or spelotherapy) session lasts 45 minutes. The walls of the salt therapy cave are constructed from blocks of Himalayan salt with a floor completely covered with white salt. Everyone entering the salt cave is required to wear shoe covers to keep the salt floor clean. No food or drink is allowed to be taken into the salt therapy cave. During your salt therapy session, you will be seated in a comfortable chair in the natural micro climate of the cave. A salt vaporiser pumps dry aerosol salt vapour into the therapy room.  As you inhale the salt, it travels through the sinuses and respiratory tract absorbing moisture, cleansing and clearing mucus and killing bacteria. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of salt, along with the many mineral elements of salt, make salt therapy a viable alternative to treat many health complaints.

Salt therapy is a safe, drug free therapy that helps asthmas, bronchitis, emphysema, allergies, sinus, hay fever and many skin conditions Each salt or halotherapy session is in the salt cave. Sit back in a reclining chair and breathe in the micro salt climate of the salt therapy cave
What can I expect during my salt therapy session?


Stopped the itching. Gradually improving the outside skin. So far the best treatment for my problem. ~ Shirley Robertson

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