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Himalayan natural shaped pink salt lampAll-natural and exquisite, Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions which are of importance to good respiratory health and general wellness as they detoxify the oxygen we breathe in. By releasing negative ions, salt lamps decrease indoor air toxins including mould spores, dust and dust mites, smoke or smog and basic odour from animals and people. An increased amount of negative ions in the environment may provide reduced sinus pain and congestion, temporary allergies and hay fever,  decrease the seriousness of asthma symptoms, and reduce susceptibility to colds and flu by boosting the immune and respiratory system.


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What are the proven scientific benefits of breathing salt air?

Breathe in a cool salt breeze from the ocean, and you feel more relaxed, more alive. This is because the ocean’s salt air is highly charged with healthy negative ions that feed our cells. In fact halo-therapy has been soothing inflammation for centuries.

Salt has long been known for its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents which help to loosen mucus build up and phlegm. Breathing in salt, in the form of a dry salt aerosol, has been proven to provide positive results for treating people with asthma, chronic bronchitis and a range of other respiratory conditions. Nowadays, salt is used in everything from IV solutions to nasal washes.
What are the proven scientific benefits of breathing salt air?

How much does each salt therapy session cost?

Salt Therapy costs vary depending on your age.  All sessions run for 45 minutes, starting on the hour. 
  • Adults $50
  • Children 11-17 Years $35
  • Children 2-10 Years $25
  • Infants up to 2 Years FREE

Sat Caves Package Discounts
  • 5 Sessions 10% Off
  • 10 Sessions 20% Off

Salt Therapy Room Hours

Monday to  Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 3pm
Sunday:  9am – 1pm

Sessions start on the hour every hour, and run for 45 mins.


Call 07 4569 9269
How much does each salt therapy session cost?


I went to salt therapy for respiratory relief, my skin, to boost my immunity and relaxation - a bit of a everything really! I would rate my experience at Salt Caves with five stars, great stuff! ~ Louise Brotto

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