Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy relief for asthma, smokers cough and bronchitis

Friday, June 24, 2011

Salt therapy has been used in eastern European countries as a complimentary medicine and alternative therapy for respiratory illnesses for many centuries. Now the benefits of this ancient natural therapy are becoming known across the globe. Its greatest asset is that salt therapy is a completely natural, painless and drug free treatment.

Salt therapy offers relief to sufferers of asthma, smokers cough and bronchitis by opening the airways and expelling the mucus which is clogging the bronchi. Once the mucous becomes looser, it is easily cleared from the system.

Take a non-invasive approach to asthma, relieving smokers cough or bronchitis and book a salt therapy session today.


On day 6 of my on going sessions and I'm starting to notice a considerable difference now compared to when I started. I only need 1 puff of my spray yesterday morning and That carried me right through till this morning when I needed just 1 spray again. This is a severe condition I've had since I was 8 years old so for my attacks to become so mild is FANTASTIC!! ~Selena Jeffs

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