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At Salt Caves we first opened our doors in Toowoomba in June 2011, but the journey of Salt Caves began well before that day. When owners Shaun and Sara visited parents in Poland and Shaun’s long standing sinus and hay fever reared its ugly head they knew exactly what to do to help him out… take him to a Salt Room! After suffering for over 12 years the relief Shaun felt from using the rooms in Europe was nothing but a miracle. This sparked an interest for them both as to why this common European therapy was not being used in Australia.

Shaun and Sara began their journey of research into the ailments, benefits, equipment and anything else you can think of associated with Salt Therapy. They met experts in both Poland and Germany and spoke to many more from throughout Europe and the Himalayas. Eventually the concept for Salt Caves was born.

One year after opening the doors to Salt Caves Toowoomba, the plans for the next expansion to Salt Caves Mooloolaba were in the pipeline and in September 2013 the doors were open, boasting two salt rooms and a spacious reception area with a wide product range.

Today Shaun and Sara work tightly with there team, looking after there clients and the next development for Salt Caves.


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Shaun Taylor

Shaun and Sara Taylor started Salt Caves in 2011 after visiting Salt Therapy clinic throughout Europe. With a passion for health and exercise Shaun promotes this throughout Salt Caves.


Sara Taylor

Sara grew up in Europe where Salt Therapy is widely used and was excited to bring this great therapy to Australia with Shaun. Sara selects a great products range for Salt Caves and has a passion for natural therapies.


Catherine Mycock

Catherine joined Salt Caves in 2012 to assist the start of Salt Caves Mooloolaba. She has worked on the team since then to organise and promote the great benefits of this therapy.

Emmy Andreasson

Emmy joined the Salt Caves team in 2015 to pursue her passion for Natural Therapies. Emmy strives to make massage and treatments at Salt Caves the ultimate relaxation experience.

Sue Thrupp

Sue took over Salt Caves Toowoomba in 2015 after experience its great benefits for herself. Sue has working in the Natural Therapy industry for many years and loves the rewarding nature of the business.


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Great! It's so peaceful!

Indi Malloch

Less use of my asthma medication after 1 visit.

Janet Gilmore



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