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Here's Why People Love Salt Therapy!

My husband and I booked in for a couples relaxation massage.

We were made to feel so welcome as soon as we walked in the door.

We were taken into the beautiful massage cave where I had Ange as my masseuse.

She was absolutely incredible!

Everything she did felt so amazing, I never wanted to leave!

She was able to find muscles that were causing me some pain and worked her magic to take that away.

Afterwards, she mentioned that I had some pretty tense muscles in my neck and shoulders and offered me a few stretch suggestions and pointed out particular spots to massage on my head to take away the headaches.

It actually works too.

Seriously could not fault any of it.

Highly, highly recommend!!

I already can’t wait to go back.

So happy you’re here – will be back!

My skin is very dry and after I have been in the salt room it always feels a lot better.

Loved it – want my own! (:

When I visited your salt therapy cave I noticed that after being in the cave my skin improved even though I had just come in to unwind and boost my immune system. I would definitely rate my experience 5/5. Stress less, caves are the best!

I brought my daughter into Salt Caves who has bad sinus problems. She could breathe through her nose after treatment!

It was amazing! Heaps better after first visit. Sinus much better and slept well all night.

The massages were exceptional. We had a lovely time there in the salt room .. . As we are driving to airport we are talking about our hi lights of our trip . Just wish we knew the women’s names who did the massages ! All the staff were super helpful . Neel and Edel

I visited Salt Caves for my sinus, hay fever and general well-being. Overall, I feel better!

Just beautiful, I feel great!

Amazing, so warm! (:

It’s day 8 now and after having my salt lamp on all night I can proudly say I haven’t had or needed my Ventolin for almost 36 hrs, and counting. Lungs still feel nice and clear and I really feel like I could just keep going with out having an attack at all!! I can’t thank you enough for all they have done for me.

After the first session my breathing was better and I felt drier/better in the lungs. I will recommend the salt caves to other people.

Out of this world!

My friend took my here as a surprise for my birthday and we had a day of pampering and relaxation. The sauna, massage and salt cave session was amazing, so relaxing and the benefits to my skin and eczema were amazing..still now 3 days later. It was one of the best massages I’ve had. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you so much for a great day. Thanks Hollie

Have had sinus/blocked left side for weeks- feel a bit clearer already!

I have recurring chest infections. I am 19 and eat healthy. After numerous pharmaceuticals, this therapy has been the only instant relief.

Great for my eczema. I have had really good results.

First session only, however, I could feel it going into my lungs and I felt much calmer when I left.

I got instant relief from congestion. No more blocked nose or congested lungs!

My stress levels and sleep have improves greatly. My skin feels fantastic. Thank you!

Stopped the itching. Gradually improving the outside skin. So far the best treatment for my problem.

Breathing better during sleep thanks to salt therapy!

I come from Victoria and have told many people about the Salt Caves I am sold on them. Keep up the good work.

A great way to relax and unwind!

Awesome! I visited Salt Caves for my respiratory health and I will definitely return and recommend it to others.

Bad cough after pneumonia and bronchitis. Relieved now to a dry not as constant cough.

My 15th visit to Salt Caves has been good. A wonderful experience!

My husband has bad sinus and a cold and found after one night with the salt lamp, he was breathing much better.

My family treated me to a full hour massage by Lizzy, she has such experienced hands, and one of the best massages I’ve had. I then relaxed for 45 minutes therapy in the salt cave, highly recommended.

Eased sinus on first visit

Coming back for another session to relieve chest congestion.

Hoping it will work – already feeling much better.

Just fantastic… Be back soon!

Wonderful! Will be back.

Will be back!

First visit at Salt Caves today…I found the experience very relaxing. I will be coming again.

A great help for my Asthma.

I have mild lung disease and was having severe headaches from coughing. These headaches have virtually disappeared and coughing substantially reduced. I recommend to everyone.

Very relaxing!

After my first session I could feel the mucous lifting from my chest and sinuses. I am very impressed after my session and I am expecting great results after my second visit. Salt therapy is the best thing I’ve ever experienced to move mucous after 44 years of having chronic asthma.

I have terminal lung cancer and the treatments have helped my respiratory condition and shortness of breath.

Unbelievable experience!

When I first entered Salt Caves I was coughing and coughing! When I came out of the salt room – what relief I get afterwards! Marvellous! Could you put more days in my week so I can come more often? Brilliant results. I cannot speak highly enough of salt therapy.

Felt relaxed and was breathing well after my session.

Have been able to get the phlegm out & I breathe better from my acute phase. This experience is sooo good!

Yesterday we had our third visit to the Salt Cave in Mooloolaba to help Hally and her asthma. She is 3yrs and modern medicine suggests she should be on preventative medicine morning and night. She has been off her medicine and only needing her Ventolin puffer when an attack occurs (not as frequent). Usually by now with this weather and time of year we would have her on steroid medicine or in hospital. Fingers crossed and thankful for natural cures….. Give your body a chance and some well-deserved ‘payback’ for the crap we all inhale… Get yourselves there!!!!!! | via Facebook

I came in to the salt cave to relax and for some respiratory relief. I found the experience very good and would rate it 5 stars.

I have had a big improvement in my overall heath and breathing. I was diagnosed with emphysema in 1991. I am using my puffer less after three sessions at Salt Caves.

Less use of my asthma medication after 1 visit.

It seems to be helping a lot (with my bronchitis). I have only had 2 sessions so far.

WOW! I am so pleased to see such a gentle yet very helpful therapy like salt therapy spring up in Queensland. Many of us should turn back to nature’s key benefits to heal ourselves. Salt therapy has so many benefits for your body. Love it!

Loved my session in Salt Caves Pity I don’t live closer, I would be there every day.

Highly recommended to unwind and boost your immunity!

Less aches and pains. General health improved and more relaxed.

Am more relaxed, feel healthier, do sleep better. It’s so worth every minute and very helpful for information on other conditions of health. Good advice & thank you.

Very beneficial – love it!

My breathing became clearer though-out.

I’m getting great sleep and salt therapy is clearing up my mucous!

Tried out salt therapy for my emphysema as I have quit smoking. I found it very relaxing and a definitely improvement with my cough.

Coming to Salt Caves for the wonderful environment to wind down relax!

I came to salt therapy to boost my immunity, relax and unwind and for my acne. I came out very relaxed!

Magical! (I’m floating!)

I felt all my airways clear. I have a very stressful job and it was so relaxing. I feel rejuvenated.

Great! It’s so peaceful!

Not coughing as much and getting a better nights sleep. I am generally feeling better.

Hi. I ordered a salt lamp and some other things off you today expecting delivery of my items within the week. You can imagine my surprise when one of your staff knocked on my with my items in a bag. I realize it has saved you $9.90 with freight however I want to say I was so pleasantly pleased and amazed at such honest customer service. I am still shocked to be honest as that kind of service is nearly lost. My family are still talking about it. I am definitely going to come and have some sessions in the ‘cave’ now and just wanted to thank you.. 

I breathe better – I cough less – my chest is not tight – Best thing ever!

Back for the fourth time in three weeks – really great!

I am sleeping better and I consider I am breathing better. I have only completed 3 sessions so far and will reassess when I have completed more sessions.

Feel my sinuses draining and eczema improved.

My son Brodie has suffered for the past 5 years with sinus and allergies, we have tried injections over a 2 year period. This worked for a while, but he became immune to it. We saw an ad on TV about the salt caves, so decided to give it a try. After 2 sessions Brodie could breathe through his nose for the first time in years, very impressed with the salt caves. Their service was very friendly and informative with lots of information regarding the salt. We have purchased a salt lamp to take home to try hoping this will help Brodie out. so far. Will recommend the salt caves to anyone. Thank you very much.

Just Wonderful!

I went to salt therapy for respiratory relief, my skin, to boost my immunity and relaxation – a bit of a everything really! I would rate my experience at Salt Caves with five stars, great stuff!

I was using my nebuliser every 2-3 hours before I came to Salt Caves. I have not used it now for 7 days – this is the best!

After my session at Salt Caves I was breathing better, my lungs felt good and was left feeling revived! I can say that salt therapy is great for respiratory relief.

Had a I hour massage with Liz, amazing, relaxing and total unwind. Thank you!

My first time in the Salt Caves was a very emotional, uplifting experience. With chronic sinusitis, hayfever, fibromyalgia etc, it’s very difficult to get any ongoing relief, yet I felt like I could breathe a little easier, relax a little more and I started to notice less pain and stiffness in my fingers. The healing power from the Himalayan salt helped to alleviate some of the pressure on my nasal passages and blocked eustacian tubes. Even some dermatitis around my nose slightly improved. The second session I felt even more relief and I felt more at peace with myself. In a nutshell, I look at this salt therapy as being a subliminal healing journey towards a better state of health and well being.

I have had bad sinus and constantly needed Polaramine. After my session at Salt Caves I’ve only had to have it three times. A big improvement for me.

My experience in the salt therapy cave was very relaxing. It was a five star experience and I would absolutely do it again!

After the first session my breathing was so much better and my skin felt less irritable. I have been very impressed with my overall improvement with my conditions after only one session. I will definitely recommend Salt Caves to my friends!

Superb experience from beginning to the end. Great customer service and very friendly knowledgeable staff. If you are in Sunshine Coast, you most visit this place. It is worth it.

I have asthma and after one session and using my salt pipe I haven’t used my Ventolin. My skin also feels better and salt therapy has loosed some of the mucous at the top of my throat.

Now no nebuliser, terrific for me aye!

Absolutely fabulous! See you soon!

I had relief from asthma, coughing and sinus after just my second treatment. Little or no medication for six months and I’m still having more sessions!

After many years of severe eczema, Salt Caves has ended my itching, sore skin. My GP is amazed at the difference!

Second visit was awesome. Really opens up my airways.

Just amazing for total relaxation – an overall great experience.

After my visit to Salt Caves I have been sleeping better. It’s a wonderful environment, first-class facility and friendly staff!

Relaxing and assisting my breathing.

So Awesome!!!

I have asthma and I noticed a difference in my breathing, even in the first session.

Great, thanks!

16/08/2012 Sleep better and has improved his coughing greatly. We have been using a Salt Lamp and Inhaler.

Visited a respiratory specialist on Tuesday for a lung function test and I have improved. I will definitely be continuing my therapy at Salt Caves.

It helped my itchy feet (eczema) a lot.

Allergy improved.

My head felt so much clearer, it’s amazing!

After my salt therapy sessions my skin is not as itchy and my nose feels clear.

My son has improved his asthma greatly. Great with improving coughs and colds too. Well done! Thanks!

Fantastic experience! Helping my asthma a lot!

Definitely improved. Breathing much better. Lungs improved by 90%. Will never be 100%. An overnight stay perhaps?

I have suffered chronic asthma for years and tried everything, after a few sessions in the salt room my attacks have reduced dramatically in severity and the attacks don’t occur as often.

I come to the Salt Caves for my asthma and emphysema. I have gone from using a mobility scooter to a walker. The Caves keep me going from week to week. I am now back to doing oil painting that I hadn’t been able to do for 18 months until I found Salt Caves.

Much more relaxed, less anxious and no sinus pain at all after 2 sessions.

My hayfever has settled a little and the swelling in my hands has reduced so I can open and close my hands now.


Another visit today – good for lungs!

Worth a try, very relaxing.

I have a chronic lung disease – after only 1 session I feel entirely different – looking forward to my next treatment.

Unique experience… friendly staff.

Today I came into the salt cave just to relax and unwind… Wow! It was an amazing experience!

Very Peaceful.

My ears cleared and the joints aches in my hands are on the way OUT.

Loved It!

After initial treatment I felt that my sinus has eased. After second treatment I could breathe with ease and no more pain. We had 2 glorious sessions and we felt that we had more energy and all felt re-energised. Brain fog lifted and headaches gone. The first change we noticed within minutes of treatment was balance in the ears. An investment in one’s own health and vitality. Will be back and often.

I came to Salt Caves for my sinus and hayfever, now not sneezing as much and my eyes are not as itchy!

Thank you so much – wonderful.

Cold symptoms did not develop into my usual hacking cough.

Very relaxing!


Not coughing as much and getting a better nights sleep. I am generally feeling better.

Found my breathing easier and felt relaxed

Six treatments for hubby and I. Good to know this place exists!

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