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Salt Therapy in a Himalayan Salt Cave

A 100% natural therapy using Himalayan Salt. Respiratory, Skin, Relaxation and more.

About salt therapy and the benefits

For centuries, people have trusted the benefits of Himalayan salt therapy / (salt cave therapy) to strengthen their immune systems and relieve respiratory illnesses. Today, people of all ages can benefit from the natural healing properties found in salt through Himalayan salt therapy in a man made Himalayan salt cave to find relief for a variety of health issues like asthma, skin disorders and boost the immune system.Salt therapy is a safe, drug free therapy for all the family.

Himalayan salt has natural health benefits

Salt therapy is a drug free treatment that reproduces the natural micro climate of a salt cave by dispersing a dry salt aerosol in high concentrations in a halo chamber whose surfaces are covered with layers of salt. The dry salt aerosol in the room plays an important role in the relief of health problems and is a highly effective therapy for treating people with respiratory problems and skin conditions without any known side effects. See why our Himalayan salt therapy cave is unique.

Inside our salt therapy rooms

Within the salt room (or Himalayan salt cave) a microniser is used to pump a dry aerosol Himalayan salt into the air. As the Himalayan salt is inhaled, it travels through the sinuses and respiratory tract absorbing moisture, cleansing, clearing mucus, killing bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Himalayan salt has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties as well as helping to loosen mucus build up and phlegm, help with asthma treatment and bronchial conditions. Studies have shown that people with chronic upper respiratory conditions, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, bronchitis and skin disorders can derive significant benefits from salt therapy. Actually, just about anyone can benefit from salt therapy.

Salt Therapy Mooloolaba
Salt Therapy Mooloolaba
Salt Therapy Mooloolaba

Salt Therapy Benefits

Learn about the incredible benefits of salt therapy.

  • Kind and Natural Therapy
    Salt therapy is gentle and natural. It disperses a soft, dry salt aerosol like a natural salt cave.
  • Relaxing and Rejuvenating
    Breathe in and out. It’s that simple. Close your eyes and relax in our tranquil salt cave.
  • Great for Asthma or Bronchitis
    Himalayan salt therapy is renowned for it’s mucous clearing and healing abilities.
  • Himalayan Salt: The Best Salt
    Himalayan salt (or pink salt) is the purest natural salt renowned for containing over 80 minerals.
  • Suitable For All Ages
    From babies to seniors, everyone can enjoy a salt therapy session at Salt Caves.
  • Gentle on Eczema and All Skin Types
    The gentle, dry aerosol is kind to skin. It regulates PH and draws out fluid from sore blisters.
PLEASE NOTE: Salt therapy is not advised during chemotherapy as the detoxification process of dry salt therapy might react with the chemo.
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