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Experience the benefits of a Far Infrared Sauna Session at Salt Caves Mooloolaba

Enjoy a Rejuvenating Far Infrared Sauna @ Salt Caves – Available exclusively at Salt Caves Mooloolaba by appointment

Experience the healing heat of an infrared sauna session. Infrared rays, like those radiating from the sun, bathe you in a deep warmth to the core of your body. The penetrating heat activates your bodys cardiovascular and immune systems, causing you to sweat heavily without the stifling feeling of a traditional steam sauna. During the session you will experience a wide range of benefits associated with infrared saunas, including detoxification, pain relief, and reduced blood pressure.

As you sweat, you release toxins, purifying the body and skin. The toxin build up below the skin can contribute to conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. At the same time, your increased heart rate stimulates blood flow and dilutes blood vessels, reducing blood pressure. The heat penetrates evenly beneath the skin into your muscles and joints, increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow. The result is soothing relief from injury, stiffness, inflammation and chronic pain.

Let the heat draw you into a state of serenity. You will emerge rejuvenated, having harnessed your body’s natural exertion as healing and strengthening force.

About Far Infrared Saunas

A Far Infrared Sauna uses the longest frequency infrared rays to directly simulate your body. Infrared rays are naturally occurring radiations that cause temperature to rise when absorbed. They are beneficial to the human body, and distinct from harmful ultraviolet rays. Unlike traditional steam role in the relief of health problems and is a highly effective therapy for treating people with respiratory problems and skin conditions saunas, which heat the air, and infrared sauna sends heat directly into your body. The result is a more comfortable and penetrating warmth that increases your cardiac output and metabolic rate. Regular sessions are known to contribute to weight loss by stimulating low-level cardio exercise. They can also prevent heart disease by improving blood circulation and reducing blood pressure. To learn how to make the most from your sauna session click here.


For bookings, please call us on (07) 5444 1339 or contact us online and state you are booking for a sauna session.

Salt Caves Mooloolaba Infrared Sauna
Salt Caves Mooloolaba Infrared Sauna
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