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Himalayan Coarse Bath Salt (1kg)


Himalayan Bath Salt – Coarse (1kg)

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How much Himalayan salt will I need for a salt bath?

In order for the body to take on the minerals and elements in the Himalayan salt, the concentration of the salt water must be at least the same as those
of your body’s, which is about 1%. 

For general relaxation and day to day use add about 1 cup of Himalayan bath salt to your bath. For a heavy detox you can use up to 1kg of salt for every
100 litres of water. (The average bath tub holds 100 – 120 litres.)

Can I add bubble bath or oils to my bath?

We recommend that you do not add anything else to your salt bath and simply relax!

How hot should my salt bath be?

Don’t make your bath too hot! The salt in the water will help keep the bath water at a consistent temperature for much longer – another bonus for bathing
with salt! Keep your bath water between 36-38 degrees C.

How long should I bathe for?

You should relax in your salt bath for at least 20 minutes but no more than 30 minutes.

Do I need to shower afterwards?

There is no need to shower or wash off after a Himalayan salt bath. Towel dry as usual.

Other great uses for Himalayan bathing salt

Soak your aching feet in a 1% salt water solution by taking 10 litres of warm water and 100g of Himalayan salt and soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

For those suffering from acne, breakouts or oilyness, try washing your face with the salt water solution and a natural or PH neutral face wash to help
combat your symptoms.

Please note: While Himalayan salt baths can be incredibly beneficial to your health, they can be taxing on the circulatory system for
some. If you have poor heart circulation, consult your doctor before trying salt baths.

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